Monday, February 8, 2010

How I Spent My Saturday Afternoon

This probably won't make sense to more than about 8 people, but what the heck!

Hey look- I made a music video!

Episode II: A New Turkey

Not long ago, in the city where we all live...

It is August, and a young man has taken it upon himself to order a TURKEY. Not just any turkey: a free-range, organic turkey from APOLLO POULTRY...

It is December, and a young woman has a vision: knit a turkey and wear it as a HAT. Will her audacious dream come to pass?

We join our heroes on Bowen Island, to witness the collision of these events. It may just be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER...

Original song composed by Sean Sullivan, 2010
Photos by L. Sayer, 2009:

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Al Fox said...

You rock, Riss.

Really, you do.