Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Series - Candid Animals

Mountain Sheep - Mid-Chew
"Mountain Sheep - Mid-chew" - also affectionately known as "Derp Sheep". 
I'm sure I have a few photos of me with this same expression...

I've started a new series of pen & ink drawings, so far known as "Candid Animals". I'm trying to capture the moments in between the majesty- funny expressions, less-than-ideal poses- the wildlife equivalent of sneezing for your driver's license photo.

To keep things interesting (and to save me from myself) I have a few simple rules I need to follow:

  1. These drawings must be based on photos I have taken- no Googling for better images!
  2. Only the simplest pencil sketch is allowed: just the proportions & placement- no getting bogged down in details at this early stage.
  3. No quitting! If (and when) I mess something up, I have to keep going. 
  4. No starting a new picture until the current one is finished.

Pacific Chorus Frog
"Pacific Chorus Frog" - the least 'derpy' subject so far.

The rules are working well so far- it turns out that I've actually felt more driven & inspired while working within these constraints. So much for having a rebellious artistic nature! ;)

Dream Big
"Dream Big" - this guy may have bitten off more than he can chew. 
I think we all have days like that.

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