Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hello, oh much-neglected blog!
I have plenty of projects to share, and since I'm currently in a bit of a work lull, let's see if I can get caught up...

I've had Steampunk on the brain these days... such a fun genre to play with! I love the aesthetic, the history, and of course the quirky humour behind it all.

 You've been discovered!
"You've been discovered!"
My lovely & crafty friend Al pointed me towards a local Steampunk group (VSteam), and we threw together some costumes out of treasures from our closets, loans from friends, thrift store finds, and fun handmade accessories. We made our debut at the VSteam Lords & Ladies Masquerade Ball back in May, and are now thoroughly hooked!

Currently we're working on finishing our more permanent outfits, but today's post features our costumes for the Masquerade Ball.


 Intrepid Explorer
"Intrepid Explorer"

 Raven lights the way to the Masquerade Ball
"Raven lights the way to the Masquerade Ball"

A little bird told me...
"A little bird told me..."


Tea said...

Awesome costumes! I had no idea Vancouver had a local steampunk group. Gotta check out that link :)

Riss said...

You should definitely check it out! With your crafting skills & imagination, you'd be a great fit for Steampunk! :)

If you end up at the Con tomorrow, let me know and we can meet up! Do you still have my cell #?